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forestry Project Management 

Our Forest Management and Conservation Projects aim to build a more sustainable way of rebuilding and conserving Sri Lanka's forest resources and natural spaces.


Projects include:

  • Reforestation

  • Afforestation

  • Tree Planting

  • Sourcing Plants.

Example Project: Hiniduma Bio-link

Biodiversity Assessment & Labeling

Identification and mapping of the floral and faunal biodiversity of an area according to specified values such as rarity, diversity, fragmentation, habitat condition, resilience, threats, and ecosystem processes.

Organisational Level - Conducted in accordance with the IUCN Biodiversity Assessment Guide and the NSWOEH Biodiversity Assessment Methodology and considers all applicable biodiversity elements of a given area.

Example Project: Palpatha Eco Safari Lodge

quantification of carbon sequestration

Our team of engineers and forestry specialists regularly monitor and audit projects to ensure the longevity of various programmes through detailed calculations, assessments and quantification schemes.



Carbon Insetting is the process of integrating Greenhouse Gas (GHG) mitigation activities within the sphere of influence of a company. Insetting is a relatively new approach which may be used to strengthen the link between farmers and buyers along the company's supply chains.


Benefits include:

  • Mitigating GHG's

  • Strengthening Supply Chain Relationship

  • Driving the Climate Change Agenda

  • Improved Livelihood of Communities Involved

Example Project: Ansell Bio-link

For more information on Carbon Insetting, visit

why us?

Tried and tested approaches in the field with success stories and a team of environmentalists engaged in improving the biodiversity and local communities across the country.

We provide:


  • Local Sourcing

  • Constant Replanting

  • Long-term Evaluating and Mapping

  • Protection Over Early Development

  • Sustainability/Eligibility Selection

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