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We Evaluate

Multidisciplinary teams routinely monitor and measure the biodiversity, water, soil and other aspects that affect climate change in order to build long term strategies for each project.

Our Standard

In order to ensure the success of our projects, we establish a long-term management plan for our farmers to monitor and evaluate the trees planted. This creates accountability and assures our stakeholders that the project and trees will maintain a sustainable life-cycle for a minimum of 15-20 years.

​Regular monitoring is carried out, often with the assistance of local universities and volunteers in order to monitor and report on the project’s performance. We use internationally accepted standards such as Plan Vivo and the ISO 14064-2 to validate our work and hold ourselves accountable for our undertaking. 

Evaluating Measurements

The main environmental indicators used are: biomass growth for carbon measurement, tree density, survival rate and species diversity index. Our growth projections take into account natural plant death, the requisite re-planting, safety buffering and conservative growth modeling.

Some of the socio-economic indicators used are: number of beneficiaries, jobs created, number of people trained and additional income generated from alternative livelihood activities.

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