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Greenfield Estate

The Greenfield Estate is an organic tea plantation, where the microclimate is rich in biodiversity when compared with a normal tea plantation. As such Eswaran Brothers Exports took the initiative to conserve this rich ecosystem by accounting for the biodiversity of the plantation, and taking steps to protect it.

CCC consultants carried out a systematic biodiversity assessment for the Greenfield plantation. Through this assessment, CCC ecological experts were able to identify 82 distinct animal species within the Greenfield estate including some highly sensitive insect and amphibian species.

Overall 8 mammal species, 44 different bird species, 5 reptile species, and 16 insect (Butterflies and dragonflies) species were identified; of which threatened species such as the endemic Sri Lankan Dull-blue Flycatcher (Eumyias sordidus), two endangered amphibian species including the Sri Lanka Frog (Fejervarya greenii), and the Horton Plain’s Shrub frog (Psedophilautus alto) and near threatened species such as the Bronzed frog (Hylarana temporalis), and Mountain hourglass tree frog (Taruga eques ) were also identified within the Greenfield estate.


The afore mentioned species are important to Sri Lanka as they could face extinction in the near future and as such a biodiversity study is imperative in order to identify and conserve sites that harbor such species.

Project Summary

Over 82 species of

Fauna identified.


This tea comes from a biodiversity rich tea plantation, as a result of environmentally friendly cultivation practices, flaura and fauna have been able to flourish and endangered species have been salvaged from becoming extinct. The protection of micro habitats will continue to flourish with continued monitoring and preservation of the estate.

Projects of such nature are important not only for the continued viability and conservation of biodiversity, but also for the long-term financial benefits of the estate.

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