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We Reforest

It's more than just planting trees, we rebuild ecosystems to enhance people's well being. The overall future of the environment depends on us, and we are here to facilitate the long-term protection of our forests.

The Story

Sri Lanka is one of the worlds greatest biodiversity hot spots, where over 100 different flaura and fauna species flourish. Unfortunately, due to deforestation, only 4% of the rainforest remains.

In an effort to restore the rainforests across Sri Lanka, we partner with local and international organisations to rebuild our forests, provide local communities with alternative income sources and sustain biodiversity and ecological resources of the land.

The Trees

We are experts in identifying tree species in the surrounding ecosystems. Our trees are sourced primarily through local community nurseries to promote local agroforestry and the Sri Lankan Forestry Department. Special attention is given when selecting the trees to maintain the correct mix; with wild varieties to mimic the adjacent forests to improve plant and wildlife within the region.

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